Welcome to Soyjak

  • Soyjak is an EVM compatible Layer 1 Blockchain for Web 3 ecosystem. Soyjak is inspired by the popular internet meme, a variation of Wojak that combines Wojak-style illustrations with features of a soy boy or "nu-male.

  • Please read these pages, along with Soyjak Legal Disclaimer, before you participate in Soyjak fair launch, buy or sell the Soyjak tokens/NFT in the secondary market- or interact with the Soyjak Smart contracts for any reason.
  • Please note SOYJAK tokens and and Soyjak NFTs are not securities or represent any form of investment.

Soyjak NFT is an artwork, and Soyjak tokens are a meme coin, launched in a fair launch in which the founding team keep no tokens, proceedings of the launch are provided as liquidity and liquidity locked in the Pinklock.

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