Legal Disclaimer

Please read and understand the legal disclaimer. Please proceed to buy, sell , participate in the fair launch of the Soyjak token only you understand and agree with the content therein.
Please read the following legal disclaimer carefully before using and/or any of its sub-domains (hereinafter referred to as the "Website").
By using the Website, participating in Soyjak fair launch or minting Soyjak NFTs on the Website or any other website as designated and duly announced by the Soyjak project team (hereinafter referred to as the 'Project Team') or receiving airdrop of any tokens and NFTs associated with Soyjak, you confirm that you accept this legal disclaimer and agree to comply with it.
If you Do NOT agree, you must REFRAIN from using the Website or any smart contracts associated with the Website.

Soyjak tokens and Soyjak NFTs are not securities

Soyjak token is a meme token and not securities. Soyjak NFTs are works of art and NOT securities. The Soyjak fair launch does not sell securities.
The Project Team does not offer any guarantees of the future price performance of the Soyjak token or Soyjak NFts. Soyjak tokens or NFTs should not be purchased in primary or secondary markets in speculative interest.

Information provided on the Website is not a financial advice

The information provided on this Website is intended to be informative. They DO NOT constitute investment, financial, trading, or other advice. As such, they SHOULD NOT be treated as investment, financial, trading or other forms of advice.
The Project Team disowns any liability arising out of the use or reliance on any information as financial advice.
The users of the Website are strongly advised to do their own research before they proceed to mint Soyjak NFTs, purchase them in the secondary market, receive airdrops or purchase them in the secondary market.

Investment in cryptocurrencies can result in a substantial loss of funds

The cryptocurrency market is subject to wild price fluctuations; during the year 2022 alone, such price fluctuations and the market crash resulted in the bankruptcy of a number of much-hyped market players.
The information published on the Website cannot guarantee any money loss – nor should it be used as a guide for as such.
The users should understand these risks and conduct their due diligence before making any market action pursuant to Soyjak token/NFTs or the large cryptocurrency market.

Intellectual property Right

Soyjak NFTs are authentic, original and unadulterated artwork. The Project Team owns the intellectual right of the Soyjak NFTs, trade names, trade logos, copyrights, designs etc.

Commercial use transferred to the holder of NFT subject to the intellectual property right of the project team.

The commercial use rights of the Soyjak NFTs are transferred to the holder of a given Soyjak NFT, subject to the overall ownership of the intellectual property right of the said artwork by the Project Team. The use of commercial rights of Soyjak NFTs is liable for a royalty fee as dictated in the Soyjak NFT smart contract.

Compliance with tax obligations

The users of the Website are solely responsible for determining what, if any, taxes apply to their holdings of NFT and cryptocurrencies. The project team is NOT accountable, nor can it determine the taxes of the users of the platform or ensure such taxes are paid duly.

Security Risks

Smart contracts are prone to smart contract exploits, fishing attacks, flash loan attacks and many
While due precautions will be taken through security audits and proactive bug fixing, there is no guarantee they would eliminate risks completely. Users should take due notice of the unforeseen security risks in using the Website, Soyjak token/ NFT smart contract, Soyjak bridges or Soyjak marketplace.

Protection of Your private Data

The Website does not collect or store your data other than what you have provided of your own volition, such as the email address you shared when joining the newsletter, wallet addresses shared when joining the whitelist or any other information you decide to share with us during your interaction with the Website interface. Such information will not be shared with third parties

The Website does not store your IP address, location data, browser preferences or any other private information.

The Project Team is not responsible for information collected elsewhere by third parties other than the Website, with or without explicit endorsement by Soyjak as part of marketing, promotional or any other campaigns. The users should exercise due diligence when sharing information with third parties.

Limitation of liability

Unless otherwise required by law, in no event shall the project team of Soyjak be liable for any damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, loss of funds, loss of actual or unrealized profits, or loss of data arising out of the use of the Website.


The users of the Website hereby agree to arbitrate any dispute arising from or in connection with the Website or this disclaimer, where it is applicable with the platform directly or mediated by the DAO council elected by a majority of token/NFT holders.

Do Your Own Research

The users of the Website SHOULD NOT limit their search for information to the content of the Website or announcements by the project team. The users should research Soyjak, in particular, and cryptocurrency and NFTs, in general, before they make their market decisions.
May 10, 2023